Friday, 9 November 2012

Oh Look Who It Is!!!


I'm blowing the cobwebs off this thing and doing a well overdue post!

Hi guys- did you miss me? I totally know you did!!!

So a lot has happened since my last post! 

My holiday was great- the weather was nice and warm, bit cloudy and windy but still averaged 26+ degrees- and I managed to get myself a nice little tan- for the first time in a looooooong time!!!

I ate well, drank a lot of diet coke and water- but after the 3rd day I got a case of Lanzarote belly (I really feel bad that I was that ill I was a touch- a lot- "dramatic" but I don't cope well with being ill!) So I just had Jam on toast for 1 meal, which is what I always had when I was ill as a kid- then I found the pastries and pizza....and was a massacre!!!

But when I was behaving, the food was nice

I always made sure that I still had my superfree food on the plate-there was a great selection of salads and veggies so I never went without.

Once I found the pastries though, that was it! I was like a woman possessed!

I did have a good time though, and loved spending some quality time with Chris.

I managed to conquer the nerves and wear a bikini too! That was a big hurdle for me since my body image still isn't fantastic, but I survived! No one cringed, screamed, gouged their eyes out with blunt impliments!

I even managed a picture with the bikini on! But I have decided to keep it tame and just show one of the snaps from when we went out for the morning to the local beach!

Proof that I was indeed there!!

I even met a lovely family a couple of days before leaving, so I had a laugh with them, a little dance, late night natters, etc. It was great!

I was sad to leave, but looking forward to get home at the same time- I knew I had a fresh start with work and I was eager to get started with that!

So yes- work! I am officially a "personal shopper" in the Home Shopping department at Asda Liscard!

We did our training in Warrington for a couple of weeks, they had been doing Home Shopping for years- so they were like a well oiled machine. I learnt a lot from them- got a lot of experience and I thought it was great fun (even though I am still getting used to the early starts!)

We went live on Halloween. A few of us dressed up for the occasion- since I don't do halloweeny things, I just went to work in my new Eeyore onesie (that I am sporting now, funnily enough!) I got a lot of smiles- a few of the little kids who were there loved it, some even came to say hello! It was lovely.

The first shift went reasonably well- considering we apparently now hold the record for the most amount of orders in a first day EVER! We're just that awesome!

It's getting easier now we're getting into the swing of it!

There was a little incident last Sunday where I had a dizzy spell and banged my head quite bad on a metal beam- I was sent home- went the walk in centre that evening and the doctor said I had concussion. It's only been today really that I've started to feel more myself! Thank goodness I'm over most of it at least! But I have been in work all week- because I really didn't want to miss out on the hours- and I actually really enjoy my job!!

Now- weight wise- since this is my weight loss blog- might as well mention it!

When I got back off my holiday I gained 8lb. I food optimised to the MAX that week and stepped on the scales a week later- 8lb lighter! So lost my holiday gain in a week- happy days!

That week though, I struggled- big time. I couldn't stop eating rubbish- it was as though I was back to 23 stone. I got a big pep talk off Caz and I managed to get over the worst of it. The following Tuesday, however, I made a conscious decision not to get weighed- which was a first for me. My scales were saying an 8lb gain- again- and I just couldn't face the scales. I was 100% on plan though.

So the week after I got weighed- official result- 4lb gain (or according to my scales a 4lb loss- are you keeping up?) I was still determined and stuck to plan 100% because I had my week's grace- I was 2lb out of my target range- I had to lose that otherwise I was paying!

Caz was visiting the week after that- doing talks on the Monday and Tuesday. I got weighed at the group she was doing the talk at on the Tuesday- a Birkenhead group. The scales weighed me at 5lb lighter! That actually took me to my true target weight of 12st 6lb. I was over the moon!

This takes us to last week. I was 100% again, hoping to lose 1-2lb to get more comfortably into my target range. I stood on the scales on Tuesday- 1lb off. This is the lightest I've been for the best part of 2 months so I am happy. I did overdo the "treats" on Tuesday, however! But Wednesday-onwards (ok it's only Friday, buuuuuuut.....) I have been back on plan. I even went for a meal with Chris on Wednesday and stuck to plan.

I am now determined to stay back on track. I am considering changing my target after Christmas, so need to gain that control back and KEEP IT!!!

I've missed blogging- I forgot how good it is to get it all out and have a chat with you guys!!

I'm planning on getting back into it- back to recipes, motivation and inspiration!

This blog is nearly at 20,000 page views- it's crazy!

Ok it's time for bed- I'm not used to being up so late! 

Much Love,
Tanya x