Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Exercise Buzz

I haz it!

I am typing this between exercises (yeah- it's nearly 1am, so what?). I've just done an hour of wii fit. I also did 20 minutes of walking (to SW and back) and hoping, after I've typed this) to be able to do another half hour (or so) of dancing!

I managed an hour of dancing the night before last- my record before that was 45 minutes-so I was over the moon! I know that with exercise you have to build it up- and I have gone from about 10 minutes of exercise to over an hour on some days!

So- weigh in. Yes...well. I lost 2.5lb! I now have 2.5lb to my five stone award!! That's the half way mark! I did, however, miss out on sotw and sotm by HALF A POUND!!!. argh- uber frustration! But- I was surprisingly accepting and am more determined to get that sotm magnet next month! I can't believe how close it is to Christmas!! I hope that I can be a comfortable 18 to a tight 16 by then....maybe....it's doable I think. We shall see! I would love to lose another 16 1/2lb by then (that would take me to 6 stone lost) by 20th December. 

I've been a bit icky today. I was rather ill this morning- but I seem to have perked up- not feeling as dizzy and nauseous- which is always a good thing.

Oh- I helped out at group today. I scanned peoples' cards in and took the payments. I know it sounds daft but I really felt chuffed doing it. It was like I really felt useful. I hope I can do it again one day- it was only to cover someone else, but I do like helping out!

Anyway- I had braising steak (with onion and gravy) and veggies for dinner. Nothing major but boy was it tasty! I do need to find new recipes and post them on here- diet coke chicken at some point! and maybe a nice soup if I can persuade mum to try one!

We shall see!

Anyway- I have a hard week ahead. Usually I would be fine, but I am going for afternoon tea on Thursday with some friends- and there is no way that's going to be syn free!! But as long as I work hard for the rest of the week I'll be fine!

Positive attitude- I want to keep it that way!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Chuffed to bits!

I have impressed myself today. Today was definitely one of those days where I can pat myself on the back (ha- I couldn't do that at my heaviest because I couldnt get my arm far back enough without being in pain!)

At work today- I managed to (nearly all by myself) shut up the shop) I can now check the lottery and scratchcard summaries, count the scratchcards, check all winnings, check credit card receipts, paypoint money and the float. and the readings at the end of the night. Also (more of an achievement for me) I am learning where the ciggies are- because standing like an idiot because I can't find the ciggies the customer wants is not fun at all. Same with the booze. I also now know that "a bottle of X" means a 70cl bottle of spirits. There was me thinking it was a litre bottle!

The other "oh I am so chuffed with myself" thing was a couple of ladies came into the shop, from a local beauty salon (or something). They were having a party and had lots of food left over- so they gave us a tray of egg mayonnaise butties- white bread, lots of butter and I was betting it was full fat mayo. I worked out that for a quarter sandwich it would be about 8 syns- and that wouldn't even be EGGagerating (sorry!) But even with Abby (the girl I work with) saying "oh go on- just have one" and making "mmmmmm" noises at me (meanie!) I resisted and didn't have a bite!

I did, however, make an egg mayo sarnie when I got home. 1 big piece of bread, 2 boiled eggs and just under a tablespoon of mayo (and black pepper) That was half a syn for a HALF sandwich. better than the 16 syns that I potentially could have had (no thanks!) I also had a lovely bowl of my mum's stew- which is by far the best stew on the planet.

Some people think that a little bit of picking won't do any harm. But Julie, my Slimming World Consultant, read out a story of a woman called "Mrs Good"....or something along those lines. Basically a jokey story about a woman who picks through the day (like the crusts after she's made her kids lunches, or a bit of extra cereal for breakfast...) She thinks she's had 10 syns in the day (which is good- it's recommended we have 5-15 a day) but it turned out she had over 120! Which is more than we should have in a week!Of course, it's an extreme- but it made me think about when I used to pick at stuff, even when I was on SW (albeit just as I started) and not syn them. 

I use my syns for things I'm going to enjoy. Julie describes them as "pocket money"- you get so much a week to spend on whatever food you want. You could possibly save some extra for the weekend for a cheeky drink or a bit of chocolate, or you can have a good amount every day. Me? I go with daily syns. If I were to go out for a curry for example, I would have a few less syns, maybe stick to 5 a day, and have a few extra just in case I needed them.. But I don't go without.

I have lost 65lb so far- and I am taking my weight loss seriously. I want to get to target- and I know the nearer I get to my target weight, the harder it is going to get. I need to keep vigilant. No snacking on stuff that's high syns- because those snacks will show on the scales on the Tuesday. 

Of course, I struggle. I have days where all I want is to pig out on 10 packets of crisps and a massive cake. But, I know that I will feel SO guilty afterwards, that I will feel physically sick. I have in the past- at least now I know this before I pick up that cream cake! Beforehand- the voice that said "I wouldn't do that if I were you" was really meek and quiet. The loud booming voice of "You know that will make you feel better. And look how yummy it looks!!" always stood out. Now, the roles are reversed. Sometimes the evil voice will get a bit louder-sometimes cravings for food is unbearable. At those moments I close my eyes and say (outloud) "No- I don't want it- this too shall pass" and find something to distract myself. 

It gets easier, even with the tough days. The further I go, the stronger, mentally, I am becoming (I think). I don't NEED food to feel better. I have amazing friends and a supportive family. I have the worlds best SW consultant who I know is at the end of the phone if I need her. I have more of a positive self image. I am starting to look in mirrors and not freak out. I am a work in progress, learning to love myself, and to have a 100% healthy relationship with food is not something that is going to happen overnight. I have only been on this journey for 6 months. I have a lot of emotional growth (and physical shrinkage!) to go. 

This blog, and my support network of friends and family are helping me with this.

Feeling positive, energised (ok and a little tired but it is 3am)

On that note, I am going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day- and I hope to keep strong and move forward on my journey to a healthy body and mind!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Yay for awards!

I got another one! actually- I got 2!

I lose *drum roll*

3lb! Yep lil me, in one week, lost 3lb- and there was me feeling all negative! Well- I did work hard- and I earned every pound. That meant that I got my 4 1/2 stone award- and it put me under the next stone bracket (17 stone 12lb) and I got a smiley face sticker.

I got joint slimmer of the week too- which I was not expecting! I was over the moon. 

My mum's friend joined up this week- which I'm grateful for- because for the last 3 weeks there has been a "bring a friend" promotion. Basically- in that time, if you take a friend with you, you get a free week. So for me, it gets added to the end of my countdown. I think that takes me to New Year now! I'm all sorted until 2012! Wow- scary stuff!

Today (Wednesday 19th) is exactly 6 months since I started Slimming World. I don't know if it's gone quick or slow. It's one of those- it feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I joined up- but I feel like I've been there forever!

I have had a few pictures taken lately- and I found some "before" pictures...One I am not ready to show people quite yet- but one I don't mind at all- I think it's mad, the change in such a short time. The before picture was taken when I was in Canada in summer 2010. I may have but on more weight before starting Slimming World but I honestly don't know. I've forgotten about my weight then. All that matters is my SW start weight- 22 stone 7lb. The "after" picture (it's really "during" since I've not finished but you know what I mean!) was taken today-by my lovely mum. 

Today was a really good day! My mum's friend (the one who joined SW) texted me to tell me about some job adverts going up on the job centre website. I gave her a call and she gave me the codes and a phone number to call. The jobs are in a new restaurant opening in December. The jobs are the likes of  bar staff, waitressing, kitchen porter, etc. So I called the number and requested an appointment for the open day. So next Wednesday, at 4pm, I shall be hopefully impressing the people there with my awesomeness! My little bro (hey Niall!) has an appointment at the same time (that I made for him- being such an awesome sister!) I think it would be really cool if we could work together- definitely would be awesome.

Anyhoo- after that, I went into Liscard, to put in my Mum's prescription. While I was waiting, I decided to go into New Look. The shop in Liscard only does "normal sizes". a.k.a- they don't have the "Inspire" section (which is the size 16-28 section..or something). The normal shop stocks sizes 8-18 (there's a bit of an overlap).Anyway-  I noticed that all jeans were 25% off, so definitely thought it was good to have a look. They had one pair of size 18 bootcut jeans (I'm not quite at the stage where I feel comfortable in "skinny jeans") so I decided to try them on. WELL. They are very tight- but I can button AND zip them up! yahoo! So I decided to buy them. They were normally £10 but the discount made them nice and cheap. I made a passing comment about student discount- I just said something like "I'm guessing the 10% discount doesn't apply now?" The girl checked and indeed it did count! Thank goodness I still have my old uni card! It's still in date- might as well use it, right? So my jeans cost £6.74- happy days!

I took a picture of my new jeans on my old pair of jeans and the difference is just immense. I can't believe how big my old jeans are! And they used to be tight on my legs and bum! Madness! I hope I can fit in one leg of my old pants one day!

Anyway- then I got the bus to New Brighton- I was just going to head to Morrisons to get my sausages- but decided to get off the bus at my dads to check his post- and to see if there was anything for me. I popped in to see his neighbour, Sylvia. She's an awesome woman- she's 83 but is so energetic and full of life. I love spending time with her, chatting about what the area was like during the war. I enjoyed a lovely cuppa with her and wandered down the hill to Morrisons. Got the last 2 packs of skinny lizzie sausages and a fat free Onken yoghurt (which I never had before and I just adore). So at least I have enough sausages for a few days....

So- that is my day- it's been busy- I hope you kept up with all that!

I do need to update this more because when I don't I tend to have a lot to say and I don't want to bore everyone with a looooooooooong blog! So I shall make time for more blogging- promise!

Right I'd better go wind down- it's been quite a day!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lazy bones!

That's what I am! How rude of me to not update for so long- I need to get back into it and stop being so lazy and easily distra- OH!! BUTTERFLY!!!! *chase*

Where was I?

So- things have been a bit mad these last few days. I closed my claim for benefits on friday afternoon *yay*.Then go into work to be told that my hours have been cut from 10 to 8 hours a week. I was really gutted about that. 8 hours at minimum wage is LESS than I would be on if I was claiming benefits...so, I have to go into work tomorrow and *hope* that my boss is in, and have a chat. If she can't give me more hours then I will have to put another claim in for benefits. The thing is, it's been a month (exactly) since I started the last claim- and I haven't even been paid for that! So money woes are still around.

But- I did pay for a lottery ticket on saturday and won a tenner....first time in about 18 months that I actually did do the lottery- so rather spooky! But an extra £10 is good!

I'm nervous about tuesday's weigh in, as usual. I have been really good, and active, so hoping that the scales show that! 

I'm going to do some wii fit for half an hour, some boxing to focus on getting rid of my bingo wings! Maybe something to work on my stomach too- since I have a big tummy still! I mean, I'm still big everywhere, but I *hate* my tummy. Everyone has hang ups, I have about 3-4. My tummy and bingo wings being 2!

I've not cooked anything new for AGES. I will be checking out my recipe books tomorrow to find a new recipe to try and maybe walk to Morrisons (about 3km away) to get the stuff I need. Good exercise and food, good times!

Watch this space!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ow Ow Ow

Ouchies! My feet are so sore today! I think the fact that I walked for nearly 3 hours today might have something to do with it! 

I wandered over to New Brighton with a Slimming World mate and back again- and boy am I paying for it! But I do feel good for doing all that exercise!

I was a little naughty today though....I did have a few too many meringue shells! But I didn't go over my syns so it's all good!

One positive today- my jeans are getting baggy! Oh yes! Hopefully soon I'll be able to wear some size 18 clothes! That's nearly normal sizes (some shops actually sell that in the "normal" range- awesome!) I might not be able to physically see the change- but the fact that my clothes are getting loose is a pretty good indication I think! 

Ugg- I did a major technical boo boo before. I was checking out the comments on here- and somehow managed to delete a comment without even reading it first! I don't even know how I did it- but it went *poof* into the interweb dustbin. So whoever it was- I'm really sorry- it wasn't deliberate! I'm just really bad with technology it seems!

Ok I have a bit of a headache forming- so I'm going to rehydrate myself and head to bed. Job centre tomorrow (joy!) and have work tomorrow evening- so need to be 100% by then!

Night night
Much Love,
Tanya x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Disappointed, Yet Determined

So weigh in was tonight. Even though I have been really good all week- I only lost 1.5lb. I was gutted! I wanted to lose 3lb to get under 18 stone- so only achieving half of that was really disappointing.

There are 2 new people (they're a couple), Today was their second weigh in. The guy of the group has lost 11.5lb in TWO WEEKS. Now, for slimmer of the month- if your first weigh in is in that month, then it's halved. Even with that, this guy is at about 8lb loss for the month so far. Me? 5lb! That's great, It's a good loss....BUT. I really wanted to get the award this month, because, not only would it be 5 in a row- but 5 in total- and there are 5 fridge magnets for SOTM, so wanted to get all 5....but next month I would want it too- getting half a year as slimmer of the month....

I know I'm too competitive for my own good sometimes- but that's what spurs me on! Also, I want to make people proud of my achievements (I struggle to do things for myself- but for other people I can keep pushing myself and actually do well...I know, I'm weird)

But, no. I'm really chuffed for him, honest. It's proof that Slimming World does work and more people joining up means more recipe ideas,  It's hard to explain why I like the little trinkets and stuff...it just seems to make things worthwhile. I don't see the fact that I've lost 4 1/2 stone (nearly). I can't seem to be chuffed with myself for it...It's nice to see things as proof of my achievement, since I can't see the weight loss myself...if that makes sense.

I am thinking forward. I would love to get to the Woman of the Year finals. Why? Because my consultant is AWESOME. She says she got to semi finals with one lady once. She deserves to have someone to get to the final- I'm serious. So I want to get into double figures by next August, to have more of a chance. I know that Woman of the Year is not all about the greatest loss...it's about who inspires others, amongst other things. But I would definitely love to be in that final next year!

So I need to work hard. Less eating really late (saying that I'm going to have a cereal bar after I've typed this- with a cup of tea) and more exercise. I'm also hoping to get my bum into gear when it comes to my sleeping. I need to be up at a decent hour and in bed before stupid o'clock. So that's my homework for this next week or so.

I have a deal with my dad (we shook on it and everything) If i get to target by my birthday (5 stone 8lb to go by May 4th) he will give me £100. Which I will put in a fund for whenever I can get back over to Canada to see my friends. Even if it's in 5 years- it's money for that. So another bit of an incentive! Dad reminded me that he and Mum agreed to give me money- £1 for each lb I lose....I personally think they should do that (Dad said it was each- so I would be £124 up!) But I doubt they will, heehee.

So I am feeling motivated- and determined for a BIG loss next week. I am going to stick to plan rigidly. I have also set myself a challenge to have one bowl of superspeed soup every day (be it for lunch, a snack or part of dinner) hopefully that will speed up my weight loss!

When I was walking home from my dad's just before- I noticed that a local pub is looking for bar staff. So tomorrow, I will be updating my CV and walking over to hand it in. Hopefully they will have hours that aren't friday and saturday nights- the extra money is kinda needed! So fingers crossed!

Ok- time to get that cup of tea!
I'll try and update more often than every other day- time seems to be disappearing for me at the moment!

Much Love, 
Tanya x

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A day of ups and downs

I hate the change in the weather. When it gets cold and dark, I get miserable and unmotivated. I'm sure a lot of people are the same as me. Sometimes it's hard to just keep that motivation going.

But today- I managed a 4 1/2 mile walk! It took an hour and a half, because I had to have a couple of sit downs, but it was some good exercise! I was going to do some dancing just before- but I have really hurt my back, so thought it best to give it a bit of a rest.

Yesterday I weighed myself on the wii fit- ok not something that is recommended- but I do it on occasion anyway. It said that I had put on 2lb- since THURSDAY! I was devastated. I don't know where I went wrong. So I am working hard to get those pounds off and get a nice loss on Tuesday. It might have been because I ate a lot, really late on the Friday- all free food, but still very heavy and very late. I'm hoping that the random weight will disappear! But a bit more exercise and watching what I eat should help! Maybe some superspeed soup for one or 2 meals too!

Anyhoo- what else has happened?

Well- one of my best friends, who lives in Canada, recently became a grandma for the first time. I decided, when I was first told that her daughter was pregnant, to knit a blanket for the little fella. I never knitted before, so I had to learn pretty fast. Anyway- it took 7 months, and it got there about 3 weeks ago. Well, today, my friend's daughter got to see it for the first time- we chatted on skype (only for about 2 minutes) but I wanted to feel that I was there, and this seemed like the only way. 

She said she really liked it, and she took a picture of Alex asleep under the blanket. He is totally adorable- and I'm really chuffed that the blanket is still in one piece!! 

So- not much else has gone on- life is quite boring! Just trying to keep going and keep motivated while the weather is like this! I think that if I get a good loss next week it will keep me motivated- so fingers crossed!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Friday, 7 October 2011

I haz monies!

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday- I was out with friends in Liverpool until about midnight, and just got distracted with one thing and another- I was too tired in the end and went to bed. 

Today has been a bit mad too- even though I realised I haven't done that much (isn't that always the case?)

Anyway- yes- I have money! Not much....just my first pay slip from work- that's £59.30 of hard-earned money! It might not be much,  but because I worked for every penny of it-I am so chuffed with myself! I learned how to do more stuff today- refunds on the different machines, cashing up, etc. I really like the girl I'm working with- she's easing me in gently, as it were. It's really helpful.The last thing I want is to have some kind of breakdown because there is too much to do. She's supportive- if I need the help, she's there. 

My feet didn't hurt as much at work, but they were still pretty painful. When I got home and swapped my trainers for slippers, I was in so much pain then, that it took me over a minute to get from where I am sitting now, to the kitchen....it normally takes about 10 seconds. I must remember to take painkillers with me tomorrow!

So yes- last night.

I went to a lovely bar in Liverpool to meet up with some friends. There were some people I hadn't seen for a few months. I got a few comments about how lovely I looked- that I was pretty and that it is now really noticeable that I've lost weight! One of my friends said that I look pretty too, because I smile more. Yes, I do feel a lot more confident and a lot happier now that I'm lighter and thinner....and I really hope that this good feeling just gets better as time goes on!

I'm still looking for another little job. Right now the £60 a week isn't enough to keep me stable. So hopefully I'll find another part time job through the week. It's just a pain that everything is advertised on the job centre website- and a million people see those adverts and apply. Because I'm not very qualified or experienced I don't get the job. It is very frustrating. Yes, financial insecurity is really getting me down. Not only do I want to get out of the red, but I want to pay my mum some money for food and bills. Also, I want to save up just in case I have the opportunity to visit Canada again in the next few years. I hate worrying about things. I know that right now I can't do anything about the fact that I have no money. I just need to accept the fact and move forward- take positive steps rather than to dwell on it. 

This too shall pass!

Right- time for bed for me- I need to rest my poor feet!

Night night
Much Love
Tanya x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Late Night Blogging

I totally forgot to do this- so I am currently lying in bed, cuddling up to my laptop. Ok, it's 3am, but I will go to bed right after this!

I had my job interview today. It went ok I think. Hopefully they will like me enough to give me a second interview. I have never been to this place before (a sandwich shop in Liverpool) but it looks really up-market. I would love the chance to work there- I think it would be really valuable work experience.The pay isn't bad, and they give 4 weeks of holidays a year- which is awesome.

So fingers crossed for a phone call tomorrow!

I did some Just Dance 2 today. I realised that if I want a big loss next week, I am going to have to work for it. So, I danced. Just for half an hour- but it was all the hard levels, I was sweating buckets! But I felt great after. Hoping to do more tomorrow, with a bit of walking as well. 

I've not made anything new for the last few days- just normal, samey stuff (I did make pakoras again today- but they didn't turn out as good as the first lot, which is a shame). 

Anyhoo- Time for bed, me thinks! Hoping to stay motivated and positive- and hoping even more for a phone call for a second interview! *crosses fingers*

Much Love,

Tanya x

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Joint First!

I got joint slimmer of the week this week- with a pretty impressive 3.5lb loss! I gotta be honest- I found the 9am group pretty intimidating....it was so busy- lots and lots of people. It was loud! But I wasn't as anxious as usual- because my friend Chris was there, so I knew I was ok! But I did start to feel a bit panicky- not used to so many people in one small room!

I don't think I'd go to that one again- I miss my 5pm one too much!! But it was a good result- I was happy with the loss. I am 3lb away from getting under 18 stone (2 1/2 lb away from my 4 1/2 stone award). I would LOVE to get that next week- so going to work at it- keep counting my syns and keep moving! That's the plan anyway! 

The food hygiene course was good- I think I passed- won't find out for a few weeks yet (6-8 apparently!) It was a long 7 hours, but at least it's done!

I have my interview for the sandwich shop tomorrow- at 2pm. I have most things ready- my CV is printed, I have my bank details and passport (just in case they are needed) and my clothes are more or less ready! Just need to get some rest!

I was going to make spicy pakoras again today- but I'm going to make them tomorrow instead- more time in the day tomorrow, it seems.

So a pretty productive day today! Onwards and downwards! 

I put a "Christmas wish" on the slimming world tree- 12 weeks to go til Christmas....eek! And I would like to lose another 24lb by then. We shall see!

Right- time for some beauty sleep- boy do I need it!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Monday, 3 October 2011

Insomnia and Acceptance

Right now- even though it's nearly 2am, I can't sleep. Which is a bit of a pain since I have a very long day tomorrow. 

Today was my appeal at uni. It started badly. I got to the building dead on the time I was meant to get there. It turned out that I just went through the wrong entrance. I stood in a queue for 15-20 minutes, only to be told that I was in the wrong part of the building *argh*

The appeal though- there were 5 members of the panel- 4 guys and a woman and one guy who was representing the people who failed me. He put his case across, I put my case across and we were both asked questions. I did try my best but I should have been more prepared (hindsight is 20-20 eh?) 

The decided to uphold the decision made by the board- so that means no uni this year. But that's ok! I've taken it on the chin and I am going to move on!

I walked to the bus stop- which is about half an hour away, so some nice exercise. I managed an hour of brisk walking in total and I am hoping that it shows on the scales tomorrow!

Nervous, as always. It will be interesting to go to a group I've never been to before. I've only ever been to 5pm and 1pm groups. My friend is coming here, then we're going to walk together. I'll be meeting my auntie at Slimming World, she said she wants to join up! Which is great- if I am down as referring her, I get a free week! Awesome!

Anyhoo-going to sort out my stuff ready for tomorrow, lots to get done! Hope to get some rest beforehand *sigh*

Much Love,
Tanya x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lazy Day

Yep- today was a nice lazy day- I decided not to do any exercise, to give my feet a rest for the day....and they are still sore!! I'm going to try insoles, and if they don't get any better in the next few weeks, ask my doctor if I can see a physiotherapist- they might know what to do. But the pain is getting pretty unbearable! 

Tomorrow is my appeal at university. I am really nervous- but, as I just said to my friend in an inbox, whatever they decide, I will just accept and move on. If they say I can go back, great- I can sort out finances and stuff. If they say no- that is ok too. They could even offer me the place and me decline it after thinking about it.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. If they decline my appeal- then I'm not meant to go to uni right now. I can focus on work and getting my experience for my CV. 

Because of my weight loss, I am growing in confidence and I am trying to use everything that happens as an excuse to grow emotionally and mentally (not physically- I want to shrink!)

Today I haven't overeaten and I have silenced the cravings by eating some mini meringue shells (they are 2 for 1 1/2 syns- I had 10 thoughout the day lol) I had a total of 10 syns- so well within my limit of 5-15 a day. Oh I hope the scales are nice to me on Tuesday!!!

Ok I am heading to bed- 2 hours later than I had planned, story of my life!

Hope that I have some positive news for my next blog!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Weight Loss Worries

Ok- so yes- I am a little worried. I know I should take no notice- but I weigh myself on the wii fit every few days (or every day if I'm being obsessive) and the scales have barely moved since tuesday. I have been on plan all week, not picked, not gone over syns (actually I have eaten a LOT of free food and stuck to the lower end of my syn allowance) and I've exercised quite a bit. Maybe I'm just worrying too much....

I just would love a good result next week- I want to be as close to my 5 stone award by 19th October as possible- and I want to work extra hard!

I had a lovely coffee with Chris, it's lovely spending time with her, kinda a "putting the world to rights" thing. An hour or so, just talking about stuff and relaxing....but boy do I hate Costa....just a shame there is nowhere else to go in Liscard!

Work was painful today. My feet were still aching from last night's shift- and I didn't take any painkillers tonight. I did, though, prepare myself with a litre bottle of sugar free squash...which lasted all of 2 hours before evaporating *cough*. Tonight was more stressful- more people and more awkward customers (not really- but just asking for weird things- or wanting a refund and buy something else....blah) I did, however (small highlight of my night) I got to ID someone! He was 21 too, bless him. It's one of those rules. if they look my age or younger (since I'm 23 and it's the "Challenge 25" rule) then you ask for ID. 

I didn't get home until about 11pm, I am meant to finish work at 10- but I help Abbie (the girl I work with) cash up and stuff  (hope I didn't do it wrong tonight- I was focusing on how much pain I was in a bit too much!) 

Once I got home I sat in my chair. It took me about an hour to get up again to get food! Nothing extravagant tonight- just a piece of cheese on toast, with another piece of toast and a tin of spaghetti- yum! Nice and simple!

Anyhoo- tomorrow is a rest day- I might be going to Asda to get some interview pants! Other than that- nothing much planned.

It's so hot tonight- so I'm going to do the dishes that need cleaning, find a desk fan to put next to my bed and go to sleep.

Much Love,
Tanya x