Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Woman of the Year 2012!

Wow! What an amazing day!

I was so nervous about group tonight, public speaking is petrifying! The room was packed! Once I started though I couldn't stop! Turns out I talked for 15 minutes! Eek!

The other ladies that nominated were amazing- their speeches were great, really motivational. It just proved even more how amazing our group is!

Then it went to vote, and I was so nervous!

But Julie then announced that I was the Tuesday 5pm group winner! I could have cried! I was always aware that weight loss doesn't have a lot to play, it's more the story, how peoples' life had changed. I know my life has changed so much, but so has other peoples' and it was such an honour to be voted in by members of my group. 

I got a lovely sash, flowers and a certificate- and a sticker (of course the bestest thing!!!) to go on my book!

If anyone told me 2 years ago, even just 18 months ago, that I would be able to stand up in front of a group of 25 people, one or 2 of them complete strangers, and talk to them about how I'd lost 10 stone 2.5lb in 14 1/2 months. How my life was in a dire state but now I'm happy, healthy and feel like I have a purpose in life, I probably wouldn't believe them. I always wanted to lose weight- I just never thought I could.

I love being proved wrong!!

To people who read this, who have just started your journey, are half way or nearly there- look! It can be done! I hear the saying "if I can, anyone can" a lot- but it is so true! I am just a regular girly- nothing special about me, only that I have lost weight and am building my life up!

If you feel in the depths of despair, feel like you are failing, feel as though you just want to give up. Just keep clawing on. It DOES get better. Just keep at the SW plan, write everything down, talk to your consultant and/or other members, get that support that you deserve!

The only way you are going to fail is by giving up completely. The odd gain, the odd blip- that is NOT failing- that is showing strength that you can keep dusting yourself off and getting back on that wagon!

Most importantly- you are WORTH the effort- remember that!!

Tomorrow I am having lunch with Caz and my lovely friend, Wendy. Then I'm chilling at Caz's, staying over and visiting her amazing group on Thursday. 

My life is awesome- I am so blessed! 

Long may it continue!

Much Love,
Tanya x  

Monday, 20 August 2012

Bike Ride Fail!

Hello again!

So today has been interesting!

I was meant to meet up with Chris for coffee today, but she wasn't feeling too great. I decided that I wanted to do something constructive. When I was mooching on the SW website there was a picture of a woman on a bike and I thought "say- that's a good idea". It was a lovely day so I put some suncream on, topped up my water bottle and took my bike out for a spin for the first time.

I thought it would be nice just to cycle to New Brighton, 3km away, but when I got there I wanted to keep going. I got to a certain point where I could see Leasowe Lighthouse and I thought "I may as well go visit Niall, since I'm not far" since I promised over a year ago that I would!

I called him and he gave me directions to his place. I got on the cycle track past the lighthouse and all of a sudden my right pedal and sprocket came clean off!!!

Oh I was gutted! I was really enjoying my bike ride! So I called Niall, he and Jay (and Mojo) met me and we walked to the caravan. Mum and Arty came and picked me up to take me home.

Now I need to sort out getting a replacement bike. I hope I can get one sorted- I enjoyed being out on the prom again! It's been ages since I was that far out.

Anyhoo- work was ok, that's me off for 3 days now *yay*. 

Tomorrow is the Woman of the Year group final- where the 4 nominees do their talk, then it's to the group vote. Of course- I am nervous- I get nervous easily! But Caz reassured me and I am feeling a bit better. I'm not going to prepare, I'm just going to go with the flow! Keeping my fingers crossed of course!

Now- on to noms, for the last time this week!


3 doughnut peaches
muller light


jacket potato
tin of beans


2 skinny lizzies (2 syns)
2 linda mccartney saussies
bistro salad and tomatoes
large slice of bread

muller light


2 bbq sticky fillets
hot and spicy stirfry with added mushrooms
soy sauce

muller light yoghurt
lemon hifi bar


alpen light bar (3 syns)


tea x2
2l water
600ml sugar free cordial
200ml milk
250ml diet red bull

So that is 5 syns for today- taking my grand total amount of syns for the week to 59! Damn- I could have had a portion of chips last week after all! Only joking. I was serious about this week- I wanted to do something about the positive mental attitude I had from my time in Southport. I hope the scales are kind and give me the result I believe I deserve!

If it doesn't, that's ok, I'll accept it- but of course I would be over the moon with a good loss! All will be revealed tomorrow!

Ok I must try to get some sleep- otherwise I will just sit up and eat- less than 12 hours to weigh in? I don't want to be doing that!

Night night- hopefully some news in my next blog!

Much Love,

Tanya x

Sunday, 19 August 2012

People Pleasing and Socialising

Good evening (well not quite evening- it's early morning, as usual!)

So today is going to be one of those feelings posts- just warning you now- get a cuppa ready!

I find myself every so often getting myself worked up because of one niggling resentment that I've had for about 9 months. I'm the kind of person that gets really wound up and upset when someone doesn't like me. I am trying (but sometimes struggle) to accept that not everyone will like me. I can be a real pain in the bum, I can sometimes push boundaries without even realising it. But I'm not malicious, I don't deliberately go out to harm others- I used to, I don't any more, my conscience won't allow it!

So when someone goes around deliberately being spiteful, so much so that other people notice so you know it's not just your own head, it leaves me wondering why. Then I try being overly pleasing to make the person like me and I get more and more downtrodden when it doesn't work out like that.

I've talked about it over and over again, I've meditated on it and I've shared some more, this isn't going. Acceptance will come, I know it, but I'm getting impatient and it's frustrating me.

I need to focus on the positives- the nice things that people say about me, or to me. The friends and family who offer encouragement and love. They are surely the people who matter the most!

I can stand in a room of 100 people. 99 will be nice, friendly and courteous. 1 person will either ignore or pull a nasty face at me. Of course I would obsess over that 1 person. Make myself ill with worry and get to breaking point trying to get them to like me. I'm a chronic people pleaser- I have been for years.

I'm working on changing that- I want to be truly happy- I can't rely on others to make that happen. Self love and self respect- those 2 things will help in my quest to happiness- the common theme of those 2 things? 

Self. Me. 

That's who needs to do it!

Ahh it's nice to realise these things. It's even nicer to accept them!

I'm still going to plod along- there is no way in HELL I'm going to let someone negative win, I just wasn't brought up that way! (thanks mum!)

Now, on to the next bit of rambling

I went out today- it was a colleagues leaving do, he's gone to pastures new- to be a primary school teacher. So a few of us (about a dozen) went to the pub to say our farewells. I went and I actually had a good time chatting to people, not isolating in the corner and hiding away- actually engaging in conversation!!

Sometimes there are things, like going the pub tonight, that make me ever so grateful to SW. Without the support I got off Julie and my group and without Food Optimising, I would not have been in that situation. When I went out I always felt uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments, but it's nowhere near as bad as what it was! My life is immeasurably better!

I do have a lot of gratitude today! Even with this resentment going on, nothing can outshine my gratitude!

Now- the important thing- the noms. 


5x scan bran
strawberry muller light
frozen berries


Roast Chicken Mugshot (yes- that was it- the canteen shut early so I was without salad!)


Roast Chicken
large baked spud
lots of salad
salad light spray (about 7 squidges)

Rhubarb Muller Light
Frozen berries
Meringue Nest (2.5 syns)


2 hot and spicy chicken pieces
left over roast chicken
Uncle Bens thai sweet chilli express rice (2 syns)
bistro salad and tomatoes


rocky road bar
alpen light bar


1.5 litre water
300ml diet lemonade
tea w/50ml 1% milk
1 1/2 cups of tea with ss milk (1.5 syns for milk)
500ml pepsi max
250ml milk

so that's 6 syns for today, which is great, 54 syns for the week. Healthy extras were of course my milk (hea) and scan bran and cereal bars (2x heb)

Tomorrow is the last full day before weigh in so getting a touch nervous as usual- would love a good loss to get me at the bottom end of target- we shall see!

Right- off to get my beauty sleep! I need it! Busy day tomorrow.

Much Love,
Tanya x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pamper Appointment and More Noms!

Hello All- have you missed me? (I know it's only been a day!)

It's been a busy day as usual! Work work and more work! My back is aching and I'm feeling very tired, so it's going to be another quick one I'm afraid!

I feel like I've not had much time to look after myself lately. Little bits of pampering, that kind of thing. Tomorrow night I think I'm going to try and make time for a bit of relaxation- a bubble bath, a movie and something daft like painting my toenails (something I really couldn't do when I was big! I couldn't reach that far!!) I think we all need a pampering sometimes- life is so stressful, we need some relaxation time, even if it's just for 10 minutes!

For ages I didn't think I was worth anything- at times I still feel like that- but now I make more time for me because I AM worth it. I implore everyone else to do the same thing. Just take some time out for you. Even if it's just taking a magazine into the loo with you. You are worth the time and effort- if you don't believe it- keep telling yourself until you do! Or tell me- I'll make sure you believe it!!

Anyway- here's my food for today!


mandarin muller light
2x rocky road bars


salmon fillet
boiled potatoes
green beans and carrots

cherry muller light


2 skinny lizzies (2 syns)
2 rosemary and red onion sausages
mashed potato
syn free onion gravy

banana custard muller
meringue nest (2.5 syns)


3x rocky road (1 heb and 3 syns)
lemon hifi bar (heb)
2 doughnut peaches


2 litres water 
1 1/2 litres pepsi max (in work)
300ml 1% milk, as a milkshake (hea)

I feel so full even though I do have a bit of a sweet craving but the milkshake's helping with that!

7 1/2 syns today- that's 49 syns so far this week. Well within my limit! 

I'm off to bed now- busy day ahead. But only 2 more shifts until my 3 days off- can't wait!

Ni night!
Much Love,

Tanya x

Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday's noms and mega thirst!


Just a quick one from me tonight- I am so tired and I need my rest, as I am working 2 shifts tomorrow.

I've been so thirsty today! I've been constantly drinking water and the thirst hasn't gone much! My belly has been so bloated because of all the water- it's been making me feel really self conscious! But at least I know it's water, it will be peed out soon enough!

My food today- still on the wagon, still feeling good1


1/2 tub fromage frais

2 skinny lizzies (2 syns)
2 linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages
2 fried eggs 
tin of beans
mushrooms and tomatoes


2 quorn sticky fillets
syn free egg fried rice
rocket salad, tomatoes and cucumber


Salmon fillet
mashed potato (just plain)
mushy peas
green beans and carrots

Cherry muller light
punnet blackberries
handful grapes


2 doughnut peaches
2 lemon hifi bars (both healthy extra)
1 rocky road bar (3 syns)


3 litres water
1 coffee (25ml 1% milk)
1 tea (50ml 1% milk)
milkshake with last of my milk allowance.

So that's 5 syns for the day- and I don't even feel restricted! 41.5 syns for the week so far (not that I do weekly syns, I'm just curious of course!) I have 3 1/2 more days- I'm half way there!

Right- time for my beauty sleep! I think I'm going to need it!

More soon
Much Love,
Tanya x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Being Nominated and Food Stuff

Hello there! Bet you're surprised to see me 2 days on the trot! Here I am! 

So today- I got "the text" off Julie! I am one of the finalists for 5pm group WOTY!!! I swear I feel about 10 foot tall right now, grinning from ear to ear! I am over the moon to be nominated, I truly am!

On Tuesday, all the finalists (there are 4 of us in our group) do a little talk- to say how our life has changed, what SW has done for us etc. Then the people in the group vote and the winner is announced! Hopefully on the same day! I am nervous already! 

Ok so I have a couple of things to recommend, if you haven't had them before then I suggest you go out and try them- because they are awesome.

The first thing- Doughnut Peaches. 

I remember last year, Julie (my consultant) asked if I wanted to try a doughnut peach. My eyes lit up and asked "is it syn free??" to which she replied "it's just a peach, Tanya". Slightly disappointed- until I tasted it! Oh my goodness! 

They are a lot sweeter than normal peaches, and so easy to eat! Albeit a bit messy- so lean over the sink when nomming, if possible! They're not the prettiest of things, but trust me, they are awesome. Get some superfree in- eat a doughnut peach or 2.

They're £1 a punnet (6 in a punnet) in Asda right now. Apparently they're not in season for much longer so fill your boots while you still can!

The other thing- Quorn Sticky Fillets.

Great if you're a veggie- great if you aren't! They are the quorn chicken pieces with a marinade on. I think there are only 2 flavours- BBQ and Ginger, chilli and lime. I've only had the Ginger ones (had 2 for my din dins tonight in fact). I personally think they are gorgeous.

Syn free on ALL plans!! Happy days!

They're in the freezer aisle. I got my first batch from Asda (2 packs for a fiver) but right now (being a bargain hunter) they have them in Morrisons, £1.25 for  pack. The deal isn't on forever though so get down there and get a pack of each- just to see if you like them- you may as well!

Anyway- so that's my lecture done for tonight- get shopping tomorrow people!

Now- here are my noms for today!


5 scan bran
2tbsp sweetener
1/2 tub berries
banana custard muller light


1 slice wholemeal bread (from 800g loaf)
wafer thin ham
spring onions
rocket salad


2 quorn sticky fillets (chilli ginger and lime)
1/2 pack mushroom stir fry (done with frylight)

1/2 tub good for you fromage frais
1/2 punnet strawberries
summer fruits
2 meringue nests (5 syns)


2 doughnut peaches
1/2 punnet strawberries


2x coffee w/ skimmed milk ( 1 1/2 syns) - not measured
1.5l water
1 tea (with 50ml 1% milk)
250ml 1% milk (as a milkshake)

It looks like a red day to me! When I got home from work I wasn't feeling particularly hungry, even though I knew I had to eat- so did without any rice/pasta/spuds. I'm ok with that- I'm not hungry (even though a rocky road would be nice but there's a huge mammoth spider in the kitchen so I'll do without thanks!!!) 

6 1/2 syns for the day- 36 1/2 syns so far this week. Healthy A was the milk and my 2 B's were the scan bran and the piece of bread.

Lots of superfree too- I love my fruit and veggies!!

Ok it's time for bed- taking some more water up with me. I'm in work at 10am, which I nearly forgot about! But I'm looking forward to a few days off next week, so I don't mind working long hours for the next few days!

More food soon!!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Food Diary and Working Through The Pain

Hello you guys!

Maintain for me this week- I was hoping for a loss but considering how reckless I was last Tuesday, I think it was a good thing to have maintained. Next week will hopefully be different though!

So I've been doing this body magic challenge thing on the SW website. Basically you pick a challenge- all of them are different distances- like a marathon, or the length of the Thames (a lot of it is GB or Olympics themed) and you try to do a bit each day to get to the end of the challenge.

Of course I go for the big one- Lands End to John O'Groats! 606 miles!

You do either walking, running, swimming, cycling or even rowing (any exercise really) and just update it each time you do it. I try to do at least 2 miles a day when I can- even if it's just power walking to work!

I've been doing the challenge for a week now and I have already done 27.1 miles!! It doesn't even seem that far at all! It all adds up!

So that's something keeping me motivated.

Anyhoo- so I've been struggling something terrible with my back again lately. I can't remember if I've mentioned it in a previous blog- but I went to see a physio 2 weeks ago and apparently my pelvis is all meffed because of the amount of weight I've lost. Basically- it's just the difference in the way I stand. Obviously the extra 10 stone put a lot of strain on my joints and muscles and it's just going to take some adjusting.

Working doesn't help- sitting at the till on the wheely chairs. I was doubling over in pain yesterday and today at times. It's been brutal. But I've not let it stop me!! I just have to keep going and I will!

So I've decided (thanks to Pam after I visited her amazing group in Birkdale last week!) to keep a food diary- to keep in check with everything. Because I would like to be at the bottom end of target next week which is 2.5lb away. This "going for gold" thing is keeping me motivated!

She told the group to get the food diaries and write everything down (if you nibble it, scribble it- which I have heard before, heehee) The only downside to the SW food diaries are they're too small- its either my writing is too big or i eat too much! Either way I always run out of room!

So I'm going to keep an online record too! My food diary for today (Wednesday)


Muller Light yog


2 egg omelette with bacon and onion
2 skinny lizzies (2 syns)
mushrooms and tomatoes
tin baked beans

Dinner (during break in work)

Roast chicken mugshot
2 doughnut peaches
2 mandarins
large handful grapes

Supper (really dinner- after i got in from work)

2 hot and spicy chicken pieces 
Egg noodles
2/3 tub Oriental Bean Stirfry
Soy Sauce

5x scan bran (with 2 tbsp sweetener)
rhubarb muller light
summer fruits and extra raspberries


Banana Custard muller light
1/2 punnet grapes
3x rocky road hifi lights (2 as heb, 1 as 3 syns)


1 tea
1 coffee
200 ml 1% milk (rest of hea)
1.5 litre water
500ml diet cranberry blue charge (like red bull)

So today- 5 syns (the skinny lizzies and rocky road bar). And my total syn count to 30 (I had a chippy treat for staying in target- not the worst thing to have- special fried rice at 19 syns for the whole lot- which I had. I had 3 hot choccies during the day- 6 syns- total of 25. Much better than the 150+ I stupidly had last tuesday!!!!)

Feeling good- albeit a bit sore! But I'm looking forward to my week ahead. Next wednesday I'm going back to Southport to harass Caz and visit her group on the Thursday, which I'm really excited for!

Tomorrow is hopefully going to be sunny and still warm as I'm planning on doing a lot of walking before work at 6!

Now it is time for bed, need my rest

Much Love,

Tanya x

Friday, 10 August 2012

Body Magic and Sunburn!

Hello Guys! 

Wow- life is still very busy- as it has been for what, about a year? I'm loving it right now!

The sun is shining, which always perks me up and gives me energy. I always find when the weather is nice, Tanya is cheerful and wanting to do some extra body magic!

Now- I haven't explained body magic before I don't think- I think that it's something that everyone should attempt to do, if they are able to. I do know that some people can't do any kind of exercise or activity due to restrictions- goodness knows I have been there at one point! But it's something that Slimming World encourages, and I do too!

Now- what is body magic?

Well- it's just SW's way of saying "hey- let's do some exercise". You can start off small and just work your way up when you are ready, at your own pace.

They have 4 awards- Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The "criteria" is as follows :

45 minutes a week (spread over a minimum of 3 days) 
in 5, 10 or 15 minute sessions
maintain for 4 weeks

90 minutes a week
6 x 15 minutes OR 3x 30 minute sessions
maintain for 4 weeks

150 minutes (2 1/2 hours) a week
10 x 15 minutes OR 5 x 30 minutes
maintain for 8 weeks


Is when you do Gold for a second time.

For me, when I started SW, I found even going to the kitchen for food difficult sometimes- and the awards helped me so much. I started off small- going round the corner, going up the stairs an extra time or 2 a day. I built it up gradually so I didn't do myself any damage. 

Before I knew it I was walking places without and difficulty at about twice the speed I used to- if not quicker!

When I started SW I had to get the bus or taxis to group because it was so far to walk. Now I walk everywhere! I love being out and about- even if it's raining- I just stick my hood up and get going!

I have so much freedom and body magic has helped with that, it's great!

Today- I did a lot of body magic- I walked in total 7 miles- in the sunshine! It was a glorious day today so decided to walk a bit further. Sadly- I forgot to put suncream on so yes- I am a bit more red than usual- mainly on my shoulders- but nothing a bit of aftersun won't cure!

So remember- if you are out in the sun- remember the sun cream! 

I am feeling super motivated! I spent Wednesday and Thursday with Caz, had a great time and got a lot from going to her fabulous group on the Thursday morning. Her consultant, Pam is just fab- it was great to be in the group for those few hours. A bit of extra support this week so definitely full of beans, as it were!

Ok it's time for me to go to bed- I'm rather tired after all that body magic! Work tomorrow, both Asda and off licence so need my sleep!

Will update again soon!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

feeling run down and diet coke chicken


Again, sorry it has been so long between posts- I can't even tell you how busy life has been for the last few weeks....actually- I can, and I will tell you!

I worked 36 hours last week, between Asda and the off licence. Which is something that I'm not used to- I haven't done that many hours for a while. I only had 1 day where I had no work, which was last Tuesday but even then I was constantly on the go.

Caz came to visit, we had a lovely day. We nipped to Asda to get her sausages and my berries, then I got weighed (2 on, but still in target) and we went to Brigitte's for lunch. We did a lot of walking- we had a wander along the prom back to the train station- I went straight to my SW group then (because I love staying at my 5pm group- even if I've been weighed beforehand) and stayed to take the money for the 7pm group. Basically it was a good, social day but very tiring!

As the last few weeks have gone on, I've been getting more and more physically exhausted. I'm not sleeping as well as I want to and the amount of work hours I'm doing it's just running me into the ground a bit. Initially I was ok, but now my mind is starting to go. You know when you're just that tired you start making basic mistakes? I do seem to be working slower- mentally I mean- counting out change takes longer because the brain is starting to slow a bit. Not much that it's terribly noticeable to others- but I can tell. 

That and I've started to get a lot more emotional than usual. Most of the time I'm pretty stable (*most* of the time, heehee) but lately I've found myself feeling more fragile and vulnerable- which is something I don't have time for right now!!

So yes- feeling extremely run down and don't seem to have any time to rest. Again, the 1 day off work this week (Tuesday again) was full of visits and appointments. I had a meeting in the morning followed straight away by a physio appointment (because of my back) then to see my dad because he was going back to work today. Followed by shopping, sorting the cat out, and getting weighed. 

Actually, I didnt get home from visits after group (went to see my friend mike to see how he was doing, he's having a rough time of it at the moment) until gone midnight- then I was up for work today at 8.30!

So pretty damn exhausted.

Weigh in- oh yes.

I lost 4.5lb this week!! Oh my goodness! I wasn't expecting that! The lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life (12st 3.5lb) and my bmi is 23.9. I am near the bottom of my target so have to be careful- but I have had big treats already and I have a meal friday (Chinese with a few friends) so I doubt that I'll be losing at all! but maybe 1lb gain would be ok- don't want to gain too much!)

Anyway- quick recipe (are you still reading? jolly good!)

Diet Coke Chicken- yay! A classic recipe for us SW'ers! It's  lot like sweet and sour. If you like sweet and sour you should like this!

Syn free on EE

1lb diced chicken breast
1 large onion
large handful mushrooms
1 pepper
1 can (or 330ml) diet coke (or pepsi max/coke zero etc)
6 tbsp passata
splash Worcestershire Sauce
herbs and spices to taste (chinese 5 spice is popular)

1) brown chicken in frying pan sprayed with frylight
2) chop onion, mushroom and pepper, add to chicken and fry for a few minutes
3) add the coke, passata, herbs and Worcestershire sauce
4) leave to simmer on a medium heat until thickened.

Note- make sure you don't keep a lid on the pan- it doesn't thicken up if you cover up!

I served mine with stirfry veggies and rice- it was lovely! 

This is meant to serve 3-4 but come on, this is me we're talking about! 2 meals for me- with lots of superfree!

Ok time for bed for me. Was hoping to be in bed by midnight but didn't quite make it- close though!

I'm up at 6.30am to get ready for my day- I'm looking after my cousins while my aunt and uncle go to work- then it's straight home for noms and a quick change then to work for 5 and a bit hours! 

Hopefully the rota will finally be out- been putting my life on hold because I don't have a clue what I'm working next week- praying I have weds evening and thursday morning off so I can pop over to southport to harass Caz- I need a day away to be honest- I think that would really help with my mood!

Anyway- off I go!

Much love, 
Tanya x