Monday, 30 January 2012

Saggy Skin and...grapes?

Yeah I can totally fit a blog with both of these things- can you not see the connection?

I have noticed lately that I am left with quite a bit of saggy skin (betcha all wanted to know that!) mainly on my tummy and thighs. Actually, I believe my boobular area is getting affected too (even though I haven't shrunk that much there...what gives??)

Anyway- I have been training myself (trust me- it's hard work!) to look in the mirror more. Might seem like a normal thing for some people, but it's not something I'm used to doing. I try to avoid mirrors as much as possible- mainly because I don't like the thing looking back at me. So this "training" is to get used to me and what I look like. Easier said than done, but I'm getting there!

But, because I'm looking at myself more, I do notice the saggy skin....a lot! I naively thought that, because I'm young, I wouldn't be affected by it...alas, here I am, worrying about it!

There's nothing much I can do- apart from upping the exercise and possibly getting some moisturiser (a realm that I'm not used to being in!) I really do want a nice bod- worthy of a bikini- by the might not be possible- but I can very well try, can't I? 17 hours (or so) I'll be stepping on the scales again. I have been so so good this week it's unreal! Ate more fruit than usual and did a bit more body magic (exercise). I would LOVE to lose a big amount- 5lb would be amazing. It would take me to 14 stone 13.5lb and give me my 7 1/2 stone award. A big number, but I have done it before. I may be hoping too much and might be disappointed tomorrow. But I know I did my best this week- I really have done. I hope the scales realise this and be really nice to me!!!

Anyhoo- so tomorrow- I actually have stuff to do before weigh in! I'm going to Liverpool to see my lovely friend Jo, who is popping over to town with her fella, so I'm meeting up with them for a coffee before they head down south for the rest of the day! I haven't seen her in aaaaaaaaaages so it'll be nice to see her and have a catch up! I'm going to go to New Look too, and get me some more  jeans- since my size 18's are getting a bit loose!

I hope that I have a great loss to report in my next blog post! I'm still pretty focused, so hope to stay like this for a while. A big loss will boost my get up and go- I know this. I'm crossing my fingers!

Also- definitely getting back into my training for the race for life. I may have done more body magic but haven't done much jogging at all...It's official now- I'm all signed up:

So if you feel the want to sponsor me...please do! Seriously- it's for a good cause and every penny counts! Or just spread the word- let people know! Every little helps (as they say at Tesco)

Finally (bet you thought I forgot...ok I did, I just remembered and I'm editing this!) the grapes. I used to hate the things, before SW, I'd have a handful and gag at the thought of eating more. Yesterday I went to asda and bought a few bits- including a punnet of grapes. When I came home from my walk this evening, I had my dinner and took the grapes upstairs with me to the computer room...I only went and ate the whole punnet!!! I'm just hoping that all those grapes help with the weight loss tomorrow....I mean, they are mainly water! I'm Tanya and I'm a grape addict!!!

Okay! That's me for tonight! Time for bed, got a long day tomorrow!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Getting out of a funk and staying focused!

Ok so I have a very valid reason why I haven't updated in a while...

I feel like poop. I know that doesn't sound like a good reason, but I always try and stay positive with my blog posts and I've just not been able to think of anything positive. This could be down to a few things- my medication has been reduced by 25% so I'm sure naturally moods can dip. Also,  I've still not been able to get out of my post-asda blues. I can't believe how much having a job like that made me happy. I really can't wait to go back there!

Anyway- I have stuck to plan 100% since my last blog post- that's something. 

Last week I lost 2lb. I was really disappointed at first- because I was *so* good, I just wanted a bigger loss. But, I did get my century! 100.5lb lost so far. Also, I did realise that sometimes you have to wait an extra week for the good last time- I think that's how I lost 5lb Christmas week. So another week of 100% and hopefully a big huge loss on Tuesday!

I'm falling behind my target too. So a couple of big losses are kinda needed. I know that there will be some people disagreeing with my competitiveness- that's ok. I hope that you all realise that the extra competition just keeps me focused and gives me something to aim towards, rather than just go "yeah I'll get to target at some point in the next decade" and become lazy. I know how amazing I've done so far- and if I miss out by a week or so, that's ok. doesn't stop me from trying though eh?

My jogging training has been a bit lax- surprise surprise. I do need to get into that pretty sharpish- otherwise I'll just give up. Which isn't an option- I've already signed up!!

Hmm there really isn't much else to say to be honest. My camera is downstairs somewhere so can't upload a recipe- but I have some in the pipeline- and they're very yummy too!!

I hope that everyone is well- it's nearly a new it just me or is time just flying?

Right- I'd better get some dancing done before bed! 

Much Love,
Tanya x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Feeling Pumped and Planning Ahead!


I can't believe it's been a week since my last blog update- me bad. It's just been so crazy here, that I've had no time, or thought I had no time, to write one!

Lost 1/2lb this week, god knows how. Even though I was feeling determined, it didn't take long for me to start nomming on naughty stuff again! Pieces of cake, extra cereal bars, not enough fruit, etc.... It was getting bad, again. My old behaviours were creeping back.

Even today, after weigh in. How did I celebrate my lucky loss? Yep- I had a piece of cake! Silly Tanya! But tomorrow is a new day- and I will be planning each and every one of them until next Tuesday, you mark my words!

I bought another 12 week countdown today, since mine ran out over Christmas and I have no more free weeks. £49.50, and that takes me to 3rd April. Since I intend on being at target by my birthday, 31 days after that, I hope to be well on my way to target at the end of this!

Logically I have to have gotten my 9 stone award and be nearly at my 9 1/2 stone award to achieve this. Not trying to plan too far ahead or anything!

Anyhoo- my friend Kate told me yesterday that her birthday is in just under 14 weeks and intends fully on getting to target. So I said that I'd join her in this challenge- just allow myself an extra 2 weeks to get there (my birthday). The thing is, to get there I need to stop messing about. I need to resist the temptation of rubbish food that appears. I also need to get into a regular exercise routine, rather than overdoing it on some days and doing naff all on others.

So planning ahead- Kate and I are going to do the Race For Life at Haydock Park in June (17th) so we need to get used to the jogging/running thing. I have never really ran or jogged before. I am used to exercising in water- so it's going to be a HELL of a challenge actually running. on land. But you know what? I am totally up for it! I need to push myself more- this isn't too hard to fail at and not too easy to become lazy and complacent. 

We're going to train ourselves up for it- because of course I can't just run 5k in 1 go without training! We're starting tomorrow, we're going jogging/walking around the block. It's a start and we'll work our way up in no time! Of course- the extra body magic is going to help with my losses!

Ok I have to go sleep- rest up for my first training session! I'm not feeling 100% (sniffly and coughy) but hoping to be better when I wake up in the morning.

This is so exciting! It's going to be AWESOME!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

It's pink!

Look what I got!!

I think I was jammy! Even though I was horrendously good yesterday, I really didn't deserve the loss I got today. 1.5lb to be exact.

Am I unhappy about it? Hell no! I just need to keep it in my head that I can't do it every single week! I was lucky, very lucky!

I am feeling really positive going into a new week! Group was pretty good, lots of new members, so there was quite a bit of positivity and stuff ! I just hope that this attitude stays with me for the whole week, rather than just one or 2 days. We shall see.

Next week I really am hoping for 3lb loss. That will get me over the 100lb mark and it will put my bmi in "overweight" range. I haven't been overweight for about 5 years, at least. So I plan on being very good and doing a lot more body magic than last week. So far I have done an hour of walking, but after I have written this up, the wii fit will go on and I'll be doing some more exercise. 

Eyes are on the prize! I just need to remember to take everything a day at a time and to tackle everything as they come to me!

Hopefully I will have more positive blog updates for you all! 

That's all for tonight though- the wii is calling my name!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Monday, 9 January 2012

Starting again (again)

Tonight is marking the end of a really tough week....again. Without trying to sound negative, I'm wondering when I'm going to catch a break, where my head is concerned.

Ok so I have eaten a lot more crap than usual and not exercised as much as usual. I am fully expecting to gain tomorrow, not that I want to admit it. I really wanted to lose 1.5lb this week to get that 7 stone award, but I may just have to wait another week for that!

It seems, since finishing my work at Asda, I don't feel as energetic as I was. I guess it's because when I was there, I felt like I had a purpose, a use, you know? Now I don't feel like there's much for me. I know that's really down and defeatist but it's so hard to go from working every day (even if it was just for 3 weeks) to going back to 10 hours a week at the weekend. My sleeping pattern isn't great, so I'm doing what I did a few months ago- going to bed at stupid o'clock and waking up in the afternoon at some point.

I do suffer with depression, quite badly some days. Maybe this is just one of those times where I struggle for a bit. I just want to be out of this rut now. I'm used to feeling positive and happy now, I get some enjoyment out of being happy, I do. I think it's hitting me hard because when I used to be like this, it was normal. Now it's a big drop.

Anyway, Tuesday is always a new week for me, a new start. The scales are always the "line" that's drawn, ending all events of the previous week and starting afresh for the week ahead. I am honestly dreading getting weighed. Maybe it's pride, maybe it's fear of being humiliated (which I know, logically, won't happen, not at group anyway). It could just be a fear of admitting that I am weak at times. I don't like that. People can use that information against me, so I do try to act as though I'm strong, for my own safety really. 

Whatever the reason, the dread is there. But I am not going to hide and I am not going to get upset. The scales will say what they're going to say. I will be adult about it and accept the number on those scales and vow not to let myself down again. I am in this for the long haul. I still have a way to go and I am NOT going to give up.

Whew. It's good to get that out!

Anyhoo- I might even be pleasantly surprised! We shall see!

I'd better get myself ready for bed. I really need to work on getting this sleeping pattern back to normal! 

Hope the next blog post is a bit more upbeat!

Much Love,
Tanya x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New New New...

New Year
New target
New struggles....

It wouldn't be me if it wasn't full of ups and downs. 

First things first, Happy New Year my bloggees! I hope that the hangovers have subsided and you're having a great start to 2012. Mine was a quiet(ish) start to the new year. During the day I was working at Asda, then went to the off licence for another 5 hours of work. Afterwards, I headed home and spent the rest of the evening with 'Cinta, her sister Jess and Jess's boyfriend. We saw the new year in with a bit of Just Dance 3. 

I didn't stay up too late, since I was in work for 10 the next morning, for my last shift. 

I didn't expect work to be that quiet on Sunday! Most of the people working were sent home, because there was just nothing to do! I didn't go early though- I wanted to work my last shift right through. I was really sad to leave, I just didn't want to go! I made some friends while I was there and just spending a few hours a day, in work, doing something positive and useful, made me feel really good about myself. 

But, the manager came to me at the end of my shift and said that I would definitely be getting a letter in the post about getting a seasonal contract- so I'll be called back in March, I really can't wait!

So- I was looking at a few peoples' forum posts on minimins (an amazing site if you're on a weight loss journey- the support is amazing!). They posted how much weight they lost last year and how many inches they were missing. So for me:

In 2011 I lost a total of 6 stone 8lb.
Bust has gone from 51 inches to 44 inches (-7)
Waist has gone from 45 inches to 36 inches (-9)
Hips have gone from 53 inches to 46 inches (-7)

So a total of 24 inches melted away, just from the 3 main measurements, in less than 9 months!

My thighs have also gone from 35 inches to 27 inches (another 8 inches gone!)

It's really hard to say "I have lost X inches" because everyone counts different measurements. My mum said it should just be the bust-wait-hips measurements- but some people use their arms/thighs/calves/neck etcetcetc. I left the other measurements out- just because I didn't know whether to count 8 inches for my thighs or 16 inches (since I have 2....obviously) So keep it simple (ish) and just use the 3 main "bits".

Anyway....where were we? Oh yeah...

So in 2011- I lost 6 stone 8lb and 24 inches
In 2012 I hope to lose another 3 stone 6lb to get to target....or do I?

Well- I did mention a new target...

When I started Slimming World I wanted to lose 10 stone. That was it, nice number and would get me to a bmi of 24.4- so just into the "ideal" range.

I'm nearly 70% of the way there and I am still pretty big. Not huge, I actually don't look fat, according to some people. As my mum so eloquently put it, I'm not that big that people would look at me and go "bloody hell look how huge she is".I'm still a size 18 though, with a lot of flabby bits. I'm thinking maybe 10 stone isn't enough to lose. 

I'm going to fully decide when I'm about 7lb away from target. But now I'm thinking it would be nice to lose 11 stone 4lb and settle at target there. Why 11 stone 4? It would take me to 11 stone 3lb. Which means I would be less than half of the person I was when I started at 22 1/2 stone. Which just sounds awesome! 

Anyway- so I've had a weigh in already this year. Started the year at 15 stone 13lb.

The scales on Tuesday said that I weighed 15 stone 8.5lb- a loss of 4.5lb! That's 9.5lb loss over xmas and new year- which is pretty damn awesome!

I'm 1.5lb short of my 7 stone award- guess what I'm going for this week?

The struggles this week. Well, I just can't stop eating naughty food! There is still xmas cake and there have been crisps around (sorry Jamie!) I just couldn't help myself!

Today though I have wiped the slate nice and clean. I had banana and yoghurt for breakfast and I'm about to heat up some spag bol to have with some couscous (I want to be different and not have spaghetti) with some tasty salad. I'm feeling nice and motivated and really want that 1.5lb off this week! A 7 stone award will look really nice on my fridge!

So that's me! New year, new start and all that! Not so much a new start, because I want to carry on what I was doing- but I'm feeling psyched up and ready to go. I'm going to be at target this year and I am going to look awesome in the summer!!!

Much Love,
Tanya x